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Loss of Livestock at Arda Transau

112617 Billian Matambo Marange Chiadzwa

Its so sad that there is loss of livestock for the relocated villagers of Arda Transau due to a number of factors. Some of the livestock are being crushed by the goods and passenger trains along railway line which is only 50m from the houses. This is affecting mostly villagers from Chiadzwa and Betera villages. Recently Mr Motion Chisenwa had 3 of his cattle crushed to death by a goods train. The beef was sold but at a very low price because there are no refrigerators to keep the meat for long. There is no compensation from National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). Othe n contrary NRZ blamed the villagers of not taking care of there livestock. The relocated villagers are powerless as they continue losing their livestock. Also open pits left by artisanal miners claimed a number of livestock. On Tuesday the 21st of November 2017, the cow of a former diamond mining employee Mr Daniel Manyere of Arda fell in a deep pit . It broke its legs and he had no option but to slaughter it.Likewise it was sold at a very low price. He is poorer and is a victim of environmental damages. The villagers are calling for the creation of paddocks by the mining company to save the only wealth they have left.
@billian Matambo.
Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union (ZIDAWU)