Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Violation of Human Rights

111917 Billian Matambo/Marange Chiadzwa


Life in Chiadzwa diamond fields has just became unbearable as a result of gross human rights violations. In Chiadzwa at ZCDC mining concession dogs are being set on innocent artisanal miners trying to earn a living from their activities. A number of young people can show deep cuts caused by vicious ZCDC security dogs which tore and rip them. Inspite of the community’s call to work with the mining companies as complimentary small scale miners and the concern have just hit a brick wall. So this is the only means of survival for the locals and they cannot back down. Perennial poor harvests and disused areas which used to subsise our means of survival can no longer offer any alternatives. Those of weak hearts live in constant fear of these Rottweilers and other vicious breeds of dogs. As people of Chiadzwa we are now living like aliens in our own community. Due to the fact that the healthy system is down those bitten by the dogs run into risk of getting rabies infection or wounds which would take time to heal. Since many cannot afford treatment this result in chronic ailments or even death.
@billian Matambo Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union (ZIDAWU)