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Bikers show off their biking skills on dangerous Snake Park tailing dam.

Community Alerts/Thokozile Mntambo/Soweto-Gauteng/11/02/18

10 February 2018

These pictures were taken early Saturday morning around 8am at Snake park tailing dam. These are bikers who come all the way from Roodepoort and Florida, these are town’s that are near to our township.

The bikers use the tailing to compete with their bikes. They come in numbers show offing their biking skills. They are not even aware or care that these evaporation ponds are not safe for such a sport. They come because this tailing is not fenced and they are no signs that show the danger of the tailing.

Some of the residents around snake park come and watch them. They seem to enjoy all the attention. As they climb the mountain until they rich the top. Then they jump down using their bikes. Some do fall down from the bikes.

This is just shows that these bikers are putting their lives in danger they could even die. The residents know about this sport. But no one has tried to tell the police. Do they really need to tell the police? Does anyone really care? So much is happening in this tailing dam and it is all ignored.          By Thokozile Mntambo