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Crown mine plants trees and grass as part of their tailing dam rehabilitation, but its not working

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/09/02/18

Crown mine plant trees and grass to prevent dust but that is not working because mine dump sand can’t be kept on the surface unless it’s watered. They don’t rehabilitate their mine dumps I mean Crown mine then they’ll come and say they rehabilitate.

They must rehabilitate the dumps not to joke with the lives of the community and to make sure that the health of the people comes first rather than putting profits first. Planting trees and grass is a decoration not rehabilitation because come windy days dust IS seen everywhere houses, food, eyes and in the mouth.

This mine has many problems to an extent that they are failing to fix broken pipes that transfer their chemical water to community. All the dirty water runs in community and children play where these water is running. It is situated alongside Diepkloof but these pipes are at Nasrec side. By Rapule Moiloa