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Crown mine take advantage of releasing its toxic water into the stream when it rains

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/14/02/18

Crown mine opens taps from the dump to release water from the dump to the stream in Mogase view at Diepkloof zone 4. Crown mine always releases water in many communities that are affected already by their activities When it rains heavy it’s an opportunity to release water with chemicals in to streams according to their located pipes and these is to show what happens when it’s raining


Mogase view in Diepkloof 4 is one area that when it rains as it happened today these residents are troubled by water from the free because all the water in Soweto high runs through Mogase view residents yard and lives the walls wet.

These are bond houses and I residency deny that as people we are always looking for places to stay. It is sad when the well-being of the residents is compromised and no one is accountable for that but knowing that there are those who can be accountable. By Rapule Moiloa