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Crown mine’s rehabilitation plan is a lie

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/12/02/18

These pipes are not far from Diepkloof and it shows the  Crown mine’s behaviour. They say there’s rehabilitation but that’s a lie, if there was a rehabilitation taking place there wouldn’t be such problems such as health of the people compromised. The activities taking place here it shows that people work here but one must look at the work done. Even what is called wind breakers help with nothing when its windy.

These dump is one dump that is claimed to have been rehabilitated but it’s a lie. Pipes on these dumps are broken and not removed to have these pipes changed. As well as what the mine call’s wind breakers that prevent dust from rising these nets helps with nothing. It’s no use having such things that helps with nothing. By Rapule Moiloa