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Government combined school fail

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/09/02/18

It is funny how there are many government combine schools in locations. Bakgomana higher primary is one of the school’s that was shut down. Many learners from that school were sent to another school as it was the Pedi speaking learners.

Later on, that school was declared a place for skills of which it did not happen but vandalized from top to bottom. Cllr Nana Magalefa always ran away when questioned about that school and the mine did nothing for that school.

Today the men who came to work at that school became landlords because people come and ask for a space where they put their shacks. There used to be a church before the school was destroyed it was said that church members made noise and the cllr Nana was quick to act. This school was supposed to be one of the best skill centres in Diepkloof as there are many skillful people who could help.

Central Joburg campus is in crown mines site and these campus is not far from soccer city. Imagine the dust from the dump goes in to the classes and how many students will be affected. Eye, respiratory, sinuses, skin problems etc even those working there are in trouble. By Rapule Moiloa