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Rapule observes Mogase View stream and mine dump after rain

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/16/02/18

I went back to monitor the stream in Mogase View after yesterday’s rain fall and I saw that water is not running as yesterday and these is proof enough that crown mines use rainy days or rainy season to reduce water from the top of the tailing dumps they don’t care what happens there after, all they after is reducing water from their dump.

I went back to the dump after yesterday’s rain and i saw that water in the stream that is next to the dump water is not running as yesterday and they have reduced the running of the water their pipes and some of the pipes are without water and others water comes out softly and these stream takes water to the other streams and its blue water in colour with chemicals, the last pic are pipes that are closed. By Rapule Moiloa