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Rustenburg CBD under fire.

Community Alerts/Olebogeng Motene/Chaneng-Rustenburg/10/01/18

It’s alleged there are three guest houses are burned down. This started after two taxi drivers were killed and taxi drivers took it upon themselves to start operation clean up Rustenburg by confronting Nyaope boys and any other illegal activities taking place within the taxi rank.
Last year a chicken licken female employee was stabbed to death at the taxi rank and many other activities by these Nyaope boys. The public safety department has send out notice that people should arrange their own transport from and to work as there are delays on normal routes.
People are sharing their views on Facebook and other social platforms. Most feel that the taxi drivers are doing a good job as the SAPS and local municipality failed to do.
Brothels set alight. About 7 and counting including the famous one IS Tarven on Klopper Street. Anyone planning to be around Rustenburg is advised to be careful. By Olebogeng Motene