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wall high grass pose danger to lives of the community

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/12/02/18

There are houses in Mogase view that walls have become the bushes and where bushes are water stands. Residents end up doing the work that is supposed to be done by the Cllr, cosmopolitan maybe the bank for which residents pay their bonds at

Cutting of bushes in the yards turns to be resident’s responsibilities because parties that were part of the process of building these houses have failed. Residents are liable as these homes belong to them, they must make sure that they cut bushes growing to prevent things that may affect them like snakes or anything that can bite them.

These is where the stream is in Mogase view in Diepkloof zone 4. As bushes grow and grow residents are now taking these to themselves by having people to cut the growing bushes. As I said before financially its affecting residents and they are trying by all means not allow these bushes to grow on their walls. Still the cllr Mogase or Nana Magalefa and cosmopolitan they doing nothing to service this area.

Still in Mogase view streets are with potholes and there’s nothing is happening. Residents end up putting stones on the holes and these stones that they have used its stones from the mine. Again, it’s a Cllr’s responsibility to work for the community and to tour the area. And cosmopolitan is also doing nothing for these residents. By Rapule Moiloa