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Cape Town in the midst of a severe drought.

Community Alerts/Gilbert Moela/Limpopo- Monametse/08/02/18

The water crisis in Newlands Cape Town is getting worse by the day with residents resorting to getting water from the nearby SAB brewery. At the brewery there’s a spring which is fenced within the brewery premises. Residents are only allowed to fill in one 25 litre container then queue again for the other container. They are also Marshalled into two lanes by the brewery’s security with one dedicated to the 25 litres whilst the other one dedicated for 5 litres. Although there’s a rule of one container per person at time, sometimes residents want to do two or more containers at a time which often leads to exchange of vulgar words. Fortunately, no physical fights have been reported. The brewery is also offering the residents a chance of using its wheelbarrows. By Gilbert Moela