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CMF absent to give updates

Community Alerts/Mduduzi Tshabalala/Vaal-VEJA/08/02/18

The Blesbokspruit CMF is currently sitting at Blesbokspruit EE Centre, Springs, and GDARD was absent to give updates about the Ramsar listed category.

The Federation for Sustainable Environment had a report compiled by 20 Civil Society Organisations (South African Water Caucus) about the current challenges of DWS, and as objecting the CMA proceedings, we learned of the published Government Gazette 15/12/’17 about the CMA amendments, commenting period lasts for 60 days counting from the day of publish. SAWC has asked for postponement of the commenting period.

The Water Quality reports:

  1. DWS mentioned that all of their metal salts are currently monitored using different techniques which may require lab results and which is why they are missing in their report;
  2. Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality monitors the dams on the outflow to downstream, and their concerns are more on the Lakeside Mall Dam and inflow coming from Benoni there might be sewer impacts, investigations to follow;
  3. ERWAT has recorded non-compliant on the F. Coliforms, and that they have applied for new quality standards amendments;
  4. Rand Water also recorded problems on the Ecoli which is impacting downstream.

TCTA mentioned that the AMD pumping is continually and that the Eastern Basin is currently pumping less quantity than the Central Basin. Results will be presented in the next forum meeting. FSE is concerned with the current situation and mentioned that results were made available, but most crucial is what is currently pumped into the underground filling up shafts at Grootvlei shafts, with no EIA approvals. TCTA responded that EIA processes were stopped and their current practice is only a pilot project, as though DEA/DWS and DMR are aware of the process, and DEA has no listed activities for regulating such a practice. By Mduduzi Tshabalala