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COHGSTA visits Ga-Mampa community

Community Alerts/Eunice Mampa/Limpopo-GaMampa/15/02/18

At Gamampa village we have a problem with the councillor Maisela now there is a project of RDP’s and Maisela doesn’t want to cooperate with the community she is still busy with those ladies which call themselves royal council while they know that they are nothing but trouble in our community as everyone knows that their recognition letters were declined from C.T.L.D.C, today we were having visitors from  COHGSTA

Continuation those visitors from COHGSTA are from (department of housing) they wanted to know what is the main issues about not being built, our royal council told them that householders doesn’t want their house to be built by anyone from our chieftaincy so now as I’m talking those projects are still waiting, they promised that they will be back after 7 days to give us solutions. By Eunice Mampa