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Community pains as their homes falls apart

Community Alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Limpopo-Modimolle /20/01/18

The community of Modimolle (Hackney 116kt) were Hackney shaft is situated is reeling in pain and agony of seeing their houses falling because of cracks that is caused by Anglo American’s operations. The community has launched several complaints to the mine authorities with no luck the mining company had never attended to this matter till to date, so the community is planning to get a legal team that will help them with this matter. Some are planning to go on a strike, they say the are fed up because the mine operation is taking place underneath their houses. And what worries them most is that Anglo American has erected the machines that are said to be detecting the cracks, and since those machines were erected they never come and check them. By Aubrey Thobejane