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Community struggles in coalfield area

Community alerts/ by: Zanele Msibi/ Mpumalanga-Emalahleni/ 2018/02/16

community of Masakhane they are living next to the big power station which generate electricity but the community does not have access to electricity and community have to live by using coal for energy and wood which they buy from the nearest mine
The power lines are passing in the community but still the community struggle about electricity and most of community members are unemployed it become difficult for them to buy coal sometimes because it too much expensive and they have to relay on wood which they collect from the forest
Due to the influx of people coming to the area for job opportunity and now the area is overcrowded
Because of many complain about the electricity and living condition the municipality manage to movedd half of the community to the new developed area in klarinet
Unemployment is still a problem because they are using database must be registered in order to be employed
Most of the youth they have lost hope and the community is not working in the power station that is polluting every day