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Malengine section is now on fire

Community Alerts/Moshabi Selowa/Limpopo-Malengine section Monametsi/24/01/18

On Monday this week we had very successful inspection on houses which owners relocated in 2014, and the following parties were involved Anglo American Engineer, Chisa multi project rep and Malengine steering committee of the project and its concern committee.

Over 30 houses found damaged but because the company don’t want to lose they denied to build the 45 houses. However, we are busy with the demand of rebuilding of the all 45 houses meanwhile they busy with badly damaged houses.

We like to thank Johan Lourenzen for assisting us on getting them on negotiation table together with Richard Spoor, and many thanks to community members for solidarity.

We therefore called meeting to address some other grievances regarding the houses, the issue of road is also addressed as the road separates two villages Anglo promised to provide with dressing equipments and instructed Bokoni to assist with stipend. By Moshabi Selowa