Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Statement by the minister of mineral resources, Mr Gwede Mantashe

By: Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga Emalahleni, social and Environmental Justice in Action, 2018/04/12

Minister Mantashe  today at Pretoria giving the feedback about the charter.So has 31 years experience in this industry.

In his view he said as the department  they will view the  mining charter they rather review it and amend it..

He then emphasised that actors who were not present need to be included


– He then talked about the transformation of ownership of black communities on South Africa
– mining industries when it comes to communities , workers and the economy

– Is not transfered and that is what they are working on the charter.

On the transformation  he talk about growth and the vision for the industry will emerge  so they are now going to re – establish trust

Minister Mantashe says his wish is that the final charter is finalised so they will be holding meeting but bear in mind this will not be a public meeting this will take place in all areas of mining communities they will tell them this is the direction that they are taking

*Namaqua land
*North west etc

Improving communities mean where the labour is taking place.

– Matters looking at


-Optimun – They have meet with the workers and the management

Their Aim

– Is to find solution to keep workers and keep job
-mines must be kept openly
-make sure jobs are protected
-make sure industry is alive and is healthy

They saw the increase of fatality which has increase to 15% application  of section 54

Report of Lilly mine has been received they will update everyone

Why communities were excluded??

– Communities were excluded because they took the matter to Chamber of mine.

Which is Charter 3 so they did that in writting