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Mining charter consultation in lephalale

By: Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga Emalahleni, social and Environmental Justice in Action, 2018/04/12


The mining charter consultation at Lephalale at the Mobil club

The purpose of this consultation is to hear the views of communities as they started last week at Emalahleni
MR Gwede welcome the companies the communities and Thabazimbi as is the major area of mining , political parties and DMR . last year 2017 the charter was taken to court by some community organisation and NGO’s and their respond was they are going to meet all provinces

Communities are saying Companies don’t talk to them ,Slp is not implemented..

So he learnt something last year when he attended the summit of sustainable development where they were talking about the benefits without destroying for future .Mines are the ones who are polluting they must pay for that and they mustn’t leave the scars they must rehabilitate the area .

They will be doing a presentation of mining charter

Later there will be discussions from all stake holders .

After the minister has done all this consultation they will be doing the mining summit.

It’s state that it empowers the minister to develop the charter targets and timelines to ensure compliance .
The mining charter was introduced in 2004 and assessed In 2009 and 2015, respectively .2017 it was gazetted for implementat on the 15th June 2017 how ever it has been put on hold to allow all stakeholders to further engage on the mining charter as per the directives of the President.
Elements of the charter 2017

Ownership of 50% black person shareholders

Truly speaking this is not happening at all
*NEW mining rights all mining rights have a minimum of 30% black person’s ownership per mining right or in the mining company which holds the mining rights.
* THE BEE empowerment transaction must include workers at 8%