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A primary school turned into a dumping site

Community Alerts/Xoliswa/Soweto/01/03/18

Since Snakepark has become part of the strike of the EPWP by the waste group, Obed Mosiane primary school located in block 1 Snakepark has a huge pile of rubbish a few steps away from the gate that is used by young kids who attend the school. The two women you see from the photo took it upon the Mselves to stand up and volunteer because they are part of the community and they’re also affected by this strike cause if the residents rubbish is not collected then they start using open spaces for dumping. The community is now complaining about flies and children playing in these polluted dump site cause may endanger their health, but as a community we hope this will go away since it is a part of the agenda of the upcoming community meeting called by Jabulani Thomo the counsellor. By Xoliswa