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Abondoned coalfield in process of rehabilitation

Community alerts: Zanele Msibi/ Mpumalanga-Emalahleni/ 2018/02/16
coalfield that is an abandoned mine that has been burning underneath for the decade of time and no longer operating at old coronation
The area is full of sinkholes which are a danger to children because some were playing in the holes because they don’t attend school and no recreation facilities and woman who dig coal end up in fatal because they are buried by the roof of the dump coal
Most of the dwellers dig the dirty coal for use in their household and to sell to those who are always at work
Two week back when i visited the community the Department of mineral resources is moving the waste coal and dump it on the other side and the purpose of moving the waste coal with an intention of making the area to be flat and be in the same level so that the sinkholes can be closed