Tunatazama - Community Monitors

AMV & SADC protocol workshop

By: Lorraine Kakaza love

Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Social and Environmental Justice in Action, 2018/04/14

Yesterday on the 14 of April 2018 we had a community awareness workshop at the Highveld region which is Emalahleni at extension 5 at the location .

The aim for this workshopsis to increase country compliance with the African Mining Vision and SADC protocol on mining.

The work shop was supported by a network called Solidarity Centre and it was run by the CSO’s.

What is Solidarity Centre ?
Is a network that was founded in 1997 it operate in more than 60 countries.Its that largest at United State it work international workers organisation helping workers when it comes to safe and health work places, family supporting wages, dignity and greater equityat work and in their community, they fight descrimination, exploitation and the system that entrench poverty to achieve shared prosperity
In the global economy.

– It works with trade unions ,workers association and community groups to provide a wide range of education like trainings , research and legal support.

They had their headquarters in Washington DC and in Africa their Offices are in South Africa, Kenya ,Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Why this Programme ?
Is to seek increase when it comes to advocacy for policies that would bring South Africa and Botswana into compliance with SADC protocols on mining ,and the African Mining Vision.

Objectives for the program

* Is to strengthen civil society knowledge of international and regional standards and regulatory framework for the mining extractive industries and also to facilitate the creation of a regional network of civil society organisation when it comes to advocacy and transparency and accountability  in the extractive  industries.

How did we get here at Emalahleni?

Late last year there was a rapid assessment that was conducted in the Highveld which is Emalahleni by community members with the support of Solidarity Centre at the area called  Santa village,Vosman ,Clewer,Empumelelweni/Kwa-Guqa and Ogies.

As well as Klerksdorp at the area called Joubertom , Kanana, Khuma, Dominion and Tigani,.After that Solidarity shared the findings with the CSO’s in those communities, which then come together and created a loose network of organisation, So Solidarity Centre provided the newly created networks  with training trainers the training was based on the MAC and the SADC protocols on mining.

The purpose of the training?
Was to prepare the CSO network to a point can create awernesson the AMV and SADC protocol among the community members.

We had Group activity were we understand the power within our communities structures, power hieracy, the basis of power/ sources of power and  the mining constituencies in the power structures/ decision making

My take at the end of the day was that there are people who influence our life’s without our decisions
* And communities have more power .
*Looking at the industrial revolution they strategies and work in groups in order to push their interest.

Money has got power its self

I strongly say power is at the community is that at the end of the day community give power to other people and after there are no follow up or monitoring.

How communities give power to other people?

They vote for political parties and the will be political leaders , gorvernment at the end of the day they don’t follow up so power startwithin us and our well being

The awareness workshop  was successfully.