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Anglo American Hackney shaft impacts on community of Modimole

Community Alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Limpopo-Modimole/06/03/18

This what Hackney shaft is doing to the community of Modimole/Hackney farm 116kt, Anglo American is doing nothing to fix this even though the know this is the result of their operations on Hackney shaft, this thing is affecting the Modimole community in a bad way and they are living in fear of those cracked houses may fall on them.

There is a section here at Modimole/Hackney 116kt, Gamatsehle the community here are facing a serious challenge of water their boreholes are dry now because of Hackney shaft’s operations they are now relying on the well called Sefufule (spring) it far from their houses, they use wheelbarrows to load their water buckets, some they use trolleys. Even the community member who have the boreholes in their yards are facing the same problems of dry boreholes. By Aubrey Thobejane