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Concerns about Zama Zama’s

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/10/05/18

I have not heard of the zama zamas around the mine facing Diepkloof, Pennyville, Bosmont and Noorgesig.  Chances of living are small gangs are formed at those mines to take out other Zama’s entering the closed mines illegally and they know that it’s by chance for them to come out or be alive a fight that can break out between them and the communities where they are mining illegally

The solutions

The government must create employment since these guys used to work as legal miners and or those who never worked at any mines must be included in that job creation since they know how to mine the government must not run away from these issues they must start addressing such problems and i honestly believe that there must someone who has worked at the in that office of minerals as the minister not to choose because he or she is been a long member of that party, the government must create jobs for all the sectors in SA because we can’t be working in mines and by doing these the number of Zama’s, unemployment can be solved, the government must be part of the closing of mines to make sure no one will come back and mine even those who are licensed because syndicates start from those who close mines and if the company want to reopen that mine must apply again for the license. By Rapule Moila