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Crime rises In Robega Village

Community Alerts/Bonolo Modise/Rustenburg-Robega/11/04/18

Robega is one of the small village which is divided into 9 section which is under The Royal Bafokeng such as Chaneng, Rasimone and Mafenya in short “MACHARORA” is under Rustenburg Local Municipality.

Kopano Section is a corrupt section because of high rate of unemployment and substance abuse such as Nyaope especially by youth.

A young man by the name of Mr L{not his name} broke into some few houses and stole things like television, shoes and cellphones, all of this assets were found at his place and one of RDP house which has turn into safe of stolen assets and where people who use drugs stay, the guy was arrested and the following day the police called the victims that he has escaped prison, luckily he was found again but 2-3 days he was released and started to threaten the victims.

Few days later he went to steal and accusing one of the community member that he took his cellphone and “platinum stone” the time he was arrested, he went and stole laptop. He currently has charges of assault, theft and prison escape. He assaulted one of community member and his family.

It’s said that he has a mental problem that was caused by drugs. The community tried to involve the police from Phokeng Police station but the police station operate with one Van to serve many communities and that lead to  police arriving after 10 hours yet still lacks justice they didn’t take any statement from the victim they just said the victim and that criminal should solve their problem as brothers and told that criminal he must not mess up because he has serious charges.

Community drafted a formal letter that states “They don’t want criminals on that section enough is enough” because his too dangerous and violent. By Bonolo Modise