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Diepkloof Zone 4 flooded by water flowing from the freeway

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Diepkloof/22/03/18

I took a walk around Mogase view from 13:00 today and took a pic in one of the pipes that is running the water from the freeway in to the stream at Mogase view I tell you it’s a problem, the area is wet with water from the freeway.

It continues pouring a bit heavy and residents of Mogase view in Diepkloof zone 4 they continue to be troubled as it rains because water from the freeway runs through their yards and if it rains heavy they could be flooded.

Rain continues and houses here in Mogase view at the end they have water running and there is no drain to take running water in to the stream, water has flooded their front gates

Water in the stream continues to run and the more it rains the more bushes grow and the house at the end the wall may collapse because of water running along the wall into the stream. By Rapule Moiloa