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Highveld high priority air pollution

By: Promise Mabilo, VEJMA, mpuMpumala Emalahleni, 2018/04/17

Emalahleni, highveld region in Mpumalanga province the Air Quality was declared by the Minister in 2007 that is a High priority area(HPA) the air quality is not really good. So that shows people living in the area are at risk in their health being their right to health is violeted this leads to more children’s and elders sick.
I am 23 years of age.i rellocated in Emalahleni in 2002 when I was 8 years because my mom was also staying here from nelspruit,I started schooling at Sphendulwe primary school everything was just fine and I was in grade 3,in 2005 when I was doing grade 6 my life completely change I started to get sick all the time my mom will always take me to the clinic sometimes twice a week and I will be absent at school for couple of days.

It get worse in 2008 I was in and out of my classes,my mom will took me to the clinic as she was not working a good job to take me to private doctors,I get worse so she forced to consult a private doctor is whereby the doctor said i’ve got a bronchaitist asthma it was very hard for me I reapited grade 10 four times as I was unable to attend classes like others

The doctor told my mom that I must not rely on the spray as I was not born with asthma also his children are suffering while are in Emalahleni but when they are in KZN they are well they don’t take medication he add that is the air quality in the area is bad.