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Local spaza shops and mall looted as criminals take advantage of the national strike in Jourberton,Klerksdorp

Community Alerts/Tshomarelo Setlholoeng/Jouberton-Klersdorp/25/04/2018

On the 25th of April just, days before the Freedom Day heart-breaking event occurred in Jouberton. Criminals looted and destroyed all local spaza shops and a nearby mall because of greed and to comfort their own necessities. These criminals took an advantage of a National Strike that was occurring on the day throughout the country. The question I asked myself was, are we really

free in our country if this is still happening? Is this the kind of freedom we want if we’re still living in fear in our own comfort zones? It is confirmed that some were arrested and some injured throughout this event. By Tshomarelo Setlholoeng