Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Medupi Graves Management Phase 03 

Community Alerts/Andries Mocheko/Limpopo-Lephalale/28/02/18


Feedback from the meeting that Waterberg Environmental Justice Forum (WEJF) was part of, held on 26th/02/2018 at Eskom Office Gate 01. Medupi Graves Management Phase 03 (last window).

Meeting supposed to start at 10h00 but started at around 11h30.

Opened by Dovhani-Medupi Environmental Officer.

Prayer by Ntate Letsebe -affected community.

Presentation by Mbofho Consulting and Project Managers (Mathondzi)

He said “their contract with Eskom Medupi were finished that’s why they took so long to consult with affected communities” so they are hired again to complete graves issues in Medupi.

Their priorities are –

Investigation of outstanding grievances.

Cleansing and appeasement in accordance with local custom.

Finalisation of graves access protocol.

Preparation of Integrated Management Plan.

There were more than 08 families that performed ritual ceremonies assisted by Eskom paying for their experiences. Even though they are satisfied about the work done by Eskom but they want Eskom to heal them by paying affected families, recommend them as priorities on coming to the employment.

Letsebe, Magoai and Moloantoa are in need of their graves nothing more and they heard that their families’ bones were dumped in dumping site but they have consulted with their own lawyer.

The house agreed to have another meeting because affected families were divided into three groups.

Group 01 -saying they want to close this graves matter because it has eleven years.

Group 02 -saying they need Eskom to pay them.

Group 03 -saying they want to know where Eskom puts their bones.

Mbofho advices the affected families to sit down and come with solutions because they have limited time for solving their grievances. Eskom decided to meet with affected families those performed rituals ceremonies during the week. They have also advised those who took this matter to court that Eskom will hear the outcomes from court of law before they look into their matter. Dovhani closed the meeting officially. By Andries Mocheko