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Community Alerts/Andries Mocheko/Limpopo-Lephalale/29/03/18

  1.  1.In short, I can say issue of companies employing people from outside Lephalale because they claim Lephalale doesn’t have skill has been addressed and proof was submitted to substantiate our claim.
  2. Issue of mayor interfering with recruitment is been discussed and report says a minister is investigating the matter.
  3. Issue of skill transfer and development will be put to head office so that a project to monitor such is established.
  4. Medupi is about to be finished and many people will be demobilized but few will be hired, especially by Simens which deals with electricity.
  5. A project called FGD is coming in Medupi n we need our people to be trained for that project.  It is an environmental impact project. By Andries Mocheko