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Motlhabe clinic to be shut down

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Rustenburg-Motlhabe/05/04/18


Motlhabe clinic has received a final warning that if the clinic will still be operating without water on the 17th of November the clinic will be shut down with immediate effect.
Motlhabe clinic has operated from 1997 providing 14 nearby villages with medications and treatments, the community is about 35k’s to the nearest hospital(Moses Kotane Hospital) and the clinic has never had an ambulance before, Motlhabe is under ward6 and the clinic provides more villages than the villages that ward 6 consists of. From 1997 the clinic has been operating for 24hours until last year (may 2017) due to lack/shortage of nurses. Since the clinic doesn’t operate at night it only operated from 07:00am-14:00pm.

Motlhabe clinic happens to be one of the villages that are still suffering from many important human resources and poor service delivery such as poor water access, poor roads and poor health care services,Motlhabe clinic is also struggling from that issue and its so sad because the clinic serves hundreds of people from different areas.
Today it was announced that the clinic will be permanently shut down on Friday the 17th due to water scarcity, Motlhabe youth has decided to make a plan of providing the clinic of Motlhabe with water within the two remaining days and after wards they will be demanding for a 24hour operating clinic. By Lentswe Buda