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My asthmatic brother struggles to breathe due Lonmin smelter and during blasting

Community Alerts/Concerned Resident from Wonderkop/Rusteburg-Wonderkop/05/04/18

The Lonmin smelter in Wonderkop contributes to air pollution with smog released into the atmosphere , the mine operations also contribute through its blasting process  day and during the night. When blasting takes place at the mine from were I live the ground vibrates and some houses get damaged. The release of smoke from the blasting causes results in community suffering fro respiratory illnesses.

Sadly  my little brother who is 4 years old has asthma and finds it hard to cope with the blasting done at night because he struggles to breathe and coughs from 2:30 when it start until 4/5 o’clock in the morning as the air is heavy so when the smoke is released to the atmosphere the air becomes more heavy for him to be able to breathe.

I have learned that this might also affect the  ozone layer and causes change to the atmospheric conditions causing high temperatures and rain to become acidic which affects the plants that the animals feed on,then livestock dies because their grazing fields don’t get to grow as they used to before the mine was introduced to our community. By Concerned Resident from Wonderkop