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No recreational facilities lead to children playing in dangerous bushes

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Diepkloof/09/03/18

When this place had to be a park with swings for kids to play here and have fun it’s not like that because it is turned in to a car wash rather than a park or a place of play for kids.

Now seeing these kids playing alongside bushes after rain had stopped and putting their life in danger in Mogase view where there is no park or a place of play for them, they have found a new play field in bush and know where there is a hole not to fall in to it.

It’s not good to say one will work for the people when voted for by the community knowing very well that he will be working for BMW’s and self-enrichment forgetting what he promised or vowed to do, and councillors do that. By Rapule Moiloa