Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Poem: Wie de duiwel is jy?

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Rustenburg-Motlhabe/05/04/18

You came to my land,
I gave you water,
Cause you were thirsty.
You gave me whisky,
and made me happy.
I gave you my trust,
hoping we can do more together,

You then took a stone,
and turned it into food,
I gave you my finger, and
you went for my arm.

Today I am a poor man,
Today I am a home less man,
Today I am no body, and
Today you the LORD, in my land.
I shout freedom,
I shout for peace,
I shout for Joy,
I call my self a Christian.

My cowardness,
My softness,
My love, has led
My children in to more suffering.

Black man stand up,
Stop fighting for peace,
But fight for justice,
It will result with PEACE.
Don’t do it for you,
But for the coming generations.
By Lentswe Buda