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“Renewable Energy Now”

Community Alerts/Mduduzi Tshabalala/Vaal-VEJA/13/03/18


The minister has spoken “Renewable Energy Now” and no shenanigans we should tolerate, when today NUM is a useless selfish organ, while in itself only a few cohort is this wealthy and workers are suffering till death, to further their virtue of sufferings “Marikana” needed not to happen if NUM is made for the workers! Am surprised that the majority of the workers still subscribe to a failing NUM that also deprived the workers to also consider their future by not allowing the workers the greatest opportunity to participate and also subscribe from the Durban COP17 AND 1 MILLION CLIMATE JOBS!

When it is this NUM today to continue ngokuqhubeka ukqindezela abasebenzi and legitimised labour brokers in the jobs sector!

The very same NUM that allows chamber of mines to loot the resources and leave us a gigantic footprint of degradation in the land, the pollution that is only addressed when necessary and worse using tax payers money from the same strongly oppressed workers

Comrades we need a strong campaign against this, and must support the minister in signing the renewable energy bill.

By Mduduzi Tshabalala