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Riverlea community we are family surrounded by mines and toxic tailing streams and dust

Community Alerts/Dawn Anderson/Soweto-Riverlia/03/03/18

I see the suffering of our people daily because I’m active in our community.   Illnesses in our environment is asthma, eczema, sinus I lost many friends to respiratory failure including my own brother. Non-smokers die of cancer and our community is known for all types of cancer and people are dying.   The mentally challenged children and adults, at first it was a joke,” look his crazy,” but not anymore, it’s a reality in our community.

Our community is unemployed they don’t have medical aid where they can be provided with the best care.  They have to depend on overcrowded hospitals and local clinics that are restricted in caring. Government knew years ago that they messed up, there was an offer for relocation but our parents where to comfortable not knowing what lays ahead. Our people need masks because the toxic polluted air and dust from the surrounding mine dumps and tailing streams is affecting our people big time. By Dawn Anderson