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SGB formed by people with no children attending the school

Community Alerts/Eunice Mampa/Limpopo-GaMampa/22/03/18

Seroletshidi is now opened but not officially there is only 19 students with 3 teachers but what’s really amazing is every student wear her or his colour of uniform and today they were electing (SGB) it was attended by trustees of our community while they don’t have children who attend school at Seroletshidi but they elected those trustees to be (SGB) and the mine was supposed to build kitchen room which was available at old school when they relocated the community now they didn’t built that room. They were supposed to add blocks or class rooms but that didn’t happen, now they are using container for kitchen and when they relocate the school they found electricity but the new one doesn’t have electricity and they attend only two classes which is grade 8 & 9. By Eunice Mampa