Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The Effects of Blasting and the Relocation of Residents*

Report by: Evelyn Lerato Msibi
Place : Clewer, Mpumalanga Emalahleni
Date : 08 April 2018

Witbank is also known as Emalahleni. The city is known for lots of mines and coal.
Most places in the city are affected by the mines,
One of the places affected by the mines and surrounded by coal mines is a small place called Clewer.

Clewer is a small place located in the east side of witbank.

Clewer is surrounded by severally coal mines namely:Khwezela Mine known as Navigation Plant, Mlalazi and Elandsfontein
These are mines which affect the community.

One of the biggest issues that affects the community of clewer so bad is Blasting

Many people in the community of clewer are affected by this
Whenever there is a blasting taking place there are no warning signs to let the community prepare themselves for the blasting.

The blasting has cause a lots of cracks in many houses around Clewer and the dust that comes when there is a blasting has cause a lots of sicknesses,
Many people around Clewer have bronchitis, asthma or eye problems

One of the community members expressed that her grandsons has been diagnosed with bronchitis, Because of the air pollution.

And also there were people living next to navigation plant now known as khwezela mine, a place called French which was situated 1km from Clewer
The community of French were moved to Clewer because Anglo American wanted to expand their plant,
And now the plant is slowly but surely approaching Clewer

In the next coming 2 to 3 years the community of Clewer will be badly affected by the mines