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Twickenham-Hackney shaft operations dries source of community water

Community Alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Limpopo-Modimolle/18/04/18

On the 17 April 2018 we had a community meeting at Modimole community office with our Headman and the community the (bod) business of the day was the issue of water, we are facing a serious challenge of water because our boreholes went dry and we are certain that the main course of this is Hackney shaft operation that takes place underneath our houses.

Our boreholes were very effective before the mine (Twickenham) started their operations but when they started the volume of water started to be low. Now the boreholes that we were relying on for water on daily basis are dry, in 2012 we have asked the Marula platinum mine technical team to test our boreholes, they agreed to test and results were the wells underground are not effective anymore because of Twickenham mine’s operations. By Aubrey Thobejane