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Voting stations closed due to strike in Wonderkop

Community Alerts/Wonderkop concerned resident/Rustenburg-Wonderkop/11/04/18


On the 10th of March 2018 Saturday morning a strike took place were by the people from Nkaneng section, an informal settlement which is a home to surrounding mine workers who are unable to afford rent, opted for living out allowance to living in a hostel and those who preferred owing own homes.

Most of the residents are unemployed as some came to seek employment in surrounding mines such as Lonmin but were not fortunate. Most of them use their skills to earn money, owe a stall selling different items.

During this year’s voters roll registration which was in March the community of Wonderkop and other nearby sections were at the registration stations and it is alleged that the was a leader who told people at the stations to close the stations or they would burn down the stations and had explained that the would be no registrations done unless they were offered jobs at the mines. The stations were closed and no registrations were done as a result. People who wanted to register went to other places to register for voting. By Wonderkop concerned resident.