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Zama Zama body neatly wrapped with plastics dumped on the road

Community Alerts/Dawn Anderson/Riverlea-Soweto/29/03/18


Avon street Riverlea Johannesburg a body was brought up from the mine and left on Avon street

This is the second incident the first Zama Zama brought up from the mine was 19 October 2017.

If it’s not the underground explosives, it’s the constant gun shots fired by them.  It is a battling problem for the local police station.


Illegal immigrants come to the city to better their lives and for most of them mining is the only option. Eyewitnesses saw friends carrying the body yo the side of the road, they left his families contact details on him. They also neatly wrap the body in plastic.  Our community is traumatized, they fear the unknown.

By Dawn Anderson