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Community alerts/ Eunice Mampa /Ga-Mampa/22-05-2018, 13:46]

The Residents of Ga- Phasha village are very happy now because their brother  is a lawyer and he managed to stop people from working uphill,( uphill ) is part of Sefateng chrome mine but is in Ga- Phasha they said they are very tired because  the operation is taking place  near their houses and there was no consultation and they also want to protect their children as the operation is near Selatole secondary school  they said there is a lot of noise and that is affecting their children and the stone is falling from the mountain to their graveyard they says  stones from their operation  destroyed the tombstone of their loved ones and people who are responsible refused to rebuild them but fortunately their brother lawyer Phasha Phokwane took them to court and they are waiting for the date of the court, maybe there will be a better solution   they also said the blasting that is taking place on the mountain is destroying their houses as they see   cracks at their houses.

Story by : Eunice Mampa