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Capacitated Community Exercised their Rights

Zakeu Nhachi /Save Odzi Community Network Trust.9/04/18

Its a lot easier to jump on than to jump off. It was hard time for unauthorized Diamond prospectors who pounced in a capacitated community of Musee. It was mid March 2018 when the community of Musee Village in Ward 30 Buhera excised their rights by denying the eight unauthorized prospectors from Mutare to prospect in this village.

SOCNET a community based organization with the help of ZELA Capacitated the community of Musee on Social, Economic, environmental and cultural rights. Unknown and unauthorized people from Mutare tried to prospect diamond bt were denied by capacitated community. They requested them to bring their license bt failed to produce, this led the community to suspect them. They produced their National IDs and surrendered them to the Village Head.

After few days Mwaimboti and Sibamba of SOCNET did a follow up to the Village Head only to discover that He did not documented anything. He had only invited them to a traditional court for verification.

The Community of Musee is now Capacitated and now strong. Knowledge is power the community of Musee believes that. Until today the fake prospectors are nowhere to be seen.