Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Chiadzwa communities in relocation dilemma.

Josphat Makaza 6/12/2017 CCDT

Following the government failure to provide enough accommodation to families relocated from Marange to Arda Transau the affected families who have for the past two years sharing houses are flocking back to occupy their former farm lands and demolished houses. It it however sad to note that most residents farms have been in two years time converted into hips of sand and stones by diamond companies making life more difficult than ever for the settlers. Chiadzwa Community Development Trust recent monitoring mission to the families witnessed a number challenges the residents are facing. These ranges from shortage of land for agriculture, water problems, pollution both air and noise. The families said they are not allowed to drill boreholes and dug toilets. There children are not going to school following the relocation of the school to the relocation area . The families said if government had provided a clear cut relocation plan thcom
would not be in the horns of a dilemma. Their stay in the relocation area were not legalised and still not legalised in Chiadzwa.


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