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Community alerts/Margret /Limpopo, Mokopane/09-05-2018

At Mokopane Limpopo It was a great day for the community of Mokopane,  Ndebele tribe went Adv   join them on a Grand Match to lvan Plaat mine .Advocate Nel forces the DMR,DWA and the Environmental department for site inspection. Adv Nel has taken all criminal Case’s that we have opened against Plaat reef as I have said before that the mine is operating illegally.

Also we found that the baffa zone is less than 500m from the village houses. We handed over the memorandum to Verner and he signed the memorandum.

Story by: Margret Molomo


Community alerts/Margret Molomo/Mokopane/25/12/2018, 9:50 AM]  A follow up story. In Mokopane Limpopo the community members from different villages were helping workers of Ivan plaats mine after the submission of the memorandum which Ivan plaats mine was given by the community leaders of  different structures on the 5th of December 2018.Ivanplaats did not respond to the memorandum. The community got angry and start to take action . peacefully they held a mass meeting. In that meeting they agreed that we shut down the mine. On the 17th of December which was a public holiday .we arrived at the gate of the mine and blacked all the entrances to the mine to prevent the entry and exit of employees and contracts

 Story By
Margret Molomo
Community alerts/Margete Molomo/Mokopane/28/12/2018, 7:40 PM]
: Update . Limpopo high Court today  it was a sad day for  us community leaders while we were supporting Tshamahanzi Development Committee in Polokwane High Court.The complainant Mr Motswaledi an employee of the company Ivanplats as the head of Department Socioeconomic Development and  his company layer failed to come to court.They appointed a new  lawyer. Peter  Smit has ran away.He is now  full time employed by Ivanplats.The newly appointed one he  complain about resiving papers late and it’s a short  notice yet with our comrades they served papers on last  Friday 19th at  8 am by 10 am they  were in  court on the  very  same  day . Ivanplats has  started a Wore Ga Mokopane by interdictin our  fellow comrades.They underestimated us.So on Monday 31st December we are going back to Polokwane High Court for a new  Court Interdict to Ivan plaats mine.we want to give them a real show of driving with them on a Parrallel road.we want to  show the world and our government  how to deal with the illegal mining that our president has left  5% share for his family while he was a director of this very same min Ivanplats by that time  the mine was  called African  Minerals.  meanwhile the  community’s  of Mokopane are  suffering to the last.