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DEVASTATING STAY ELEPHANTS KILLED. Devastating Stay Elephants Killed

George. Muhwahwa (SOCNET)2/13/2018
Save conservence is one of the largest ranches in Zimbabwe stretching from Birchenough down along Save River to Jequinton bridge just near Gonarezhou National Park. It has all sorts of animals including the big five
Of late it used to have tight security with well maintained electrified fence. This fell down as a result of poor maintenance, giving room to elephants, hyenas, Buffaloes, lions to cross save river to nearby residents. Lions, hyenas mauled goats and cattle. Reports were filed with the necessary offices of the district and a visit was made to the park only to be informed that the affected communities should contribute towards the rehabilitation of the fallen fence,. A list of lions and hyena victims was made from the sorrounding villages…
(maunganidze, Goko, Gwama, Charuma). Early last year, a Buffalo killed a woman busy working on her piece of land in manesa irrigation scheme. No compensation was offered. On the 10th of February 2018 two elephants were killed in the thicky forest of Charuma by parks officials. The grp of elephants devastated local residentials’ fields, leaving them with nothing to harvest. One of the killed elephants was lifted and crossed over to the ranch side. The other one was skinned by locals being supervised by parks officials.
Supprisingly, almost 3/4 of the meat was taken by parks officials leaving all day local skinners and the victims with just a few pieces to share.. Though pple were aware that if such dangerous animals cross and get killed, the affected communities shld benefit from that, parks officials had guns to intimidate the locals. These officials were camping at Charuma school but soon after the killing they vacated yet another grp was harvesting. Hukuimwe and Ngadziore are officials from Chipangai parks.

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