Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Diamond mining clinic neglected

CCDT information desk.26/01/18.

The state of Mukwada clinic had became a subject of talk following the dilapidation of the local clinic roof. The clinic situated in Mukwada village, a diamond mining concession and in Marange diamond area, had its roof and ceiling falling. When Chiadzwa Community Development Trust service delivery monitors visited the centre, the clinic’s roofing looks neglected and dangerous to patients and waiting mother’s. CCDT had engaged the mine through Mr Watongwa and he made promises to came and see the state of the clinic.
CCDT had made plans to meet with the District Health Department, Zimbabwe Consolidatec Diamond Company and the Mutare Rural District Council as key stakeholders to ensure the clinic has been face lifted.
CCDT is concerned on the state of the clinic not only as a community care giver centre but a centre of hope for artisinal miners attacked by ZCDC security officers almost on daily basis in the area.