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Drought mat south and its God given gifts

4/6/2018.Story by Dr philemon mokuele.Gwanda

Region five is one of Zimbabwe’s regions which can hadly receive rains such that most communities don’t even bother putting a seed in the soils.
One might wonder how rural communities of those areas manage a living.

The best quality beef in the country is found in mat south were the little salty grass best for cattle breeding is found ,this type of grass which need little rains is the best for cattle breeders who can export the required grade of beef produced in mat south which is a God given gift for the province.

The drought and rocky area of mat south is the best set up for gold deposits which makes the province one of the major producers of gold in the small scale and commercial mining department.
Youths and women in mining create employment and make a living through mining in mat south which becomes a cover up to the droughtness of the province all these are God given gifts .

Amacimbi is another God given gift for the drought province of mat south .
Family Camps are seen along high ways .
Most tared roads from the small town of gwanda in mat south Is full of activities day and night because of Zimbabwean pple who come in numbers to pick macimbi from the drought region of mat south.

Most pple wonder how pple live in such a drought area ,God gave them some gifts to survive and make a living from and a macimbi is one of them .
A less expensive project catching amacimbi just need your energy and comittemend which makes the unemployed manage to pay for school fees,buy books for kids even food for the family all this is from God’s love that’s why he gave us all these gifts .


Mat south community leaders must think outside the box
Here comes April ,a busy month for mat south community, a month to make money for the energetic women and youths ,a month to receive the God given gift of macimbi in the community were by most unemployed get into the Bush pick macimbi from mopani trees and sell them to travellers, business men from different towns and cities at $30 a bucket.

The gift comes twice a year April and December but the community only manage to enjoy a small fraction of the God given gift because the whole country flood the province is search of macimbi starting to pick them before they are even ready for harvest .

Who controls such community God given gifts if not the community leaders?. We’re are the community leaders?what have they done to control such gifts from being enjoyed by other communities before theirs?Are they the rightfully pple to control such God given gifts?

Mat south leaders stop crying for the invasion of amacimbi land by other communities .let’s think out side the box leaders .thre are so many ways of solving such a community crisis.

AMacimbi are in demand all over becoz there are not found in other provinces even south African need them too .what are these pple doing with them? Have we ever researched the final end of this product

As leaders of mat south try and look for investors to come and build warehouse, packaging whole sales for beneficiation ,repack the product in all sizes from 200g up to 20kg.

Just cleaning and putting them in branded plastic can give one the opportunity to sell such a product to all over Africa and the world at a better price .

This will olso create employment for local youths and women in this factories and adding value to the product.
Who’s responsible for such community development ?
A combined effort of councillors, head man,chiefs,senators and members of parliament can make a good team to bring such investors since they rub shoulders whith such pple on dairly bases.

High time we start thinking out side the box coz no one will come from mashonaland east,west or manicaland to bring development in mat south .
A lot of revenue can be generated to build our bridges,roads,clinics create employment and develop our town such that we will have something to show the next generation .
Let’s stand up for our communities local leaders