Gugulethu Mnkandhla, Women Development Association in Zimbabwe (WODAZ). 06/04/2018\

Family left heartbroken over the death of a 2 year old

The gold mining and harvesting of mopane worms in Gwanda which is a source of income for many citizens trying to make ends meet has led to the breakdown of caring and sharing systems in Gwanda. The results of the family being dysfunctional has led to the death of a 2 year old at Georgia farm in Gwanda.
On Wednesday the 4th of April 2018 misfortune befell the Moyo family that had relocated from Tshoboyi to Georgia farm to eke a living. Whilst the father was working at mines in search for gold, the mother was trying to take care of the household by harvesting and selling mopane worms and taking care of her children. The increased pressure on Mrs Moyo to perform a double duty led her to neglect her responsibility of her children during the day and ensuring that they were safe as she was trying to search for food for them. During the day, the children are left by their parents alone in the company of other children with parents in the area. As children were playing at Mtshabezi river that is near the farm with no parental supervision, the 2 year old who could not swim drowned and no one could rescue him. The parents who were kilometers away were alerted but it was rather too late.