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Hlanikuhle Residents Endure Sleepless Nights

Lungile Masuku, Gwanda Community Economic Justice Development Trust ( GCEJDT) 05/04/18

Hlalanikuhle residents of ward 8 Gwanda urban have been subjected to noise coming from a nearby stamp mill and from a gold mining company day and night.
The residential area is just a few metres away from the stamp mill and Amani Mine.
Of major concern are cracks on residents houses. The cracks are caused by the blastings that take place at Amani gold mine. Gwanda Community Economic Justice Development Trust, with permission from Mr Wilson Dube, the ward 8 councillor, did a tour of Hlalanikuhle residential area after an outcry from the residents about the cracking houses. Residents indicated that when blastings take place, even if its in the middle of the night, they go out of their houses as they fear that the houses might collapse while they are inside. They said they could feel the houses shaking.

GCEJDT approached the mine manager, a Mr Wilson. When we presented our issue of cracking houses, he could not buy the story until he tasked one of the mining company’s blasting expert, a Mr Sithole to tour Hlalanikuhle residential area with us. After the tour we were all in agreement that indeed the cracks were caused by the blastings. As a compensatory measure, Mr Wilson agreed that the mining company need to mend the cracks on residents houses. The ward councillor suggested to take the issue to Ministry of Mines through the Town Engineer before the mine could mend the houses. We are awaiting response from Ministry of Mines.

GCEJDT is not against any mining activities that are taking place around Gwanda district but we want the mining activities to be done in a manner that does not cause irreversible harm to the environment and the community.