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Community alerts/ Margret Molomo/Mokopane/20-05-2018, 22:28]

: As I told u that we are going to deal with Plaat reef which is  called Ivan Plaat mine now. if it wasn’t this  mine this HUMAN BONES  would not be exposed like this. It’s almost 2 years now. In September 2017 I opened the case against Land reform, Mogalakwena municipality and the chief L.V Kekana because the sew plant is under construction at Mokopane. The community of Mokopane was not consultant. Sam they lost their farming area without compensation. As I’m telling u this story BOSS of mine ROBERT FRIETLAND he is proud to tell the media that he is giving Mogalakwena municipality 35 Billion to complete the sew  plant project. on Tuesday 22 May we will be having a meeting with CEO of SAHRA in cape town, to demand a Swiss work order to stop all the an low full activities. The SAHRA office at Pretoria under Nkosazana Mashete failed the community of Mokopane. It hurts me most cause I pass this road now and then when going to the farm. It’s a trauma to me sometimes I could not hardly sleep.

Story by: Margret Molomo